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Bathroom and Shower Cleaner


Natural Bathroom & Shower Cleaner
From the team at Monarch Natural Products
Give a gift to Australia’s marine animals by using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Natural Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Cut your cleaning time and leave your bathroom smelling natural.

From the team at Monarch Natural Products

Tough on grime, but not the environment.
Make your bathroom shine with our powerful eco-friendly, plant-based, formula, all mixed in with the Monarch special blend of organic essential oils eucalyptus, tea-tree, lemon and lavender complimenting the natural vinegar base.
These are included not only because they smell amazing, but for their natural antibacterial properties.
Patch test first.
Shake Well Before Use
Ingredients: Vinegar, Water, Special Blend of essential oils, Sodium Chloride, Coco-Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betine, Cocamide Oxide, Fragrance, Benzsiothiazolinone, eucalyptus
- Size: 500ml

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