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Castille Eco-Organic Dishwashing Liquid


Castile Eco-Organic Dishwashing Liquid
Made the original way. Low sudsing which is better for your dishes, wallet and environment.
Less water needed for rinsing; thereby helping everything.
Picture your sink is made from glass, where do you wash the dishes? Yes, under the suds. The suds are a bi-product that is washed away using copious amounts of water or left in the sink thus creating soap scum. This is also true for shampoo’s, soap and anything else that suds up. You do not get the suds and wash the items.
Therefore, our dishwashing liquid is and will remain low sudsing with real essential oils added to fight grease and grime and far gentler on skin
Ingredients: Castile Soap, Sweet Orange, Essential oil, Sodium Carbonate
- Size: 250ml
- scent: Lavender
Made in Melbourne

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