The 20th May was World Bee Day, it raises awareness of the importance of bees and our environment. These hardworking creatures have an essential role in keeping our planet healthy. Together with wild pollinators, bees play a major role in maintaining biodiversity, ensuring the survival and reproduction of many plants, supporting forest regeneration, promoting sustainability and adaptation to climate change, improving the quantity and quality of agricultural productions.

Today bees, pollinators and many other insect populations are declining – so it is important to promote actions that will protect their habitats and improve diversity.

Did you know?

  • It takes approximately 1,100 bees to make 1kg of honey
  • Without bees we wouldn’t have apples, avocados, blueberries, cherries, melons, plums, and peanuts
  • Nearly 90% of all plants and crops in Australia rely on pollinators for reproduction
  • Bees are the only insect that create a food humans eat
  • Honey doesn’t go off; pure honey was found in a 2000 year old Egyptian pyramids, and was still edible

How can I help?

  • Plant flowering plants that are rich in nectar, especially native plants like Bottlebrush and Honey myrtle
  • Avoid using harmful pesticides in your garden that can poison bees over time
  • Create a bee-bath! Leave a shallow dish of water with some sticks or rocks in it, so that bees can land safely and have a drink
  • Shop local! You will find great varieties of locally made honey at farmers and local markets. Not only will you discover a richer depth of flavour, local honey can help build immunity and assist with hayfever symptoms

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Why the Local-Side?

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The Local Side Team

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