This week we celebrate World Environment Day (5th June) and World Ocean Day (8th June). Although both days have slightly different purposes, we celebrate them to remind ourselves that protecting our environment and looking after our oceans are essential for all people’s wellbeing and health.

In Australia we have seen how extreme weather has had a devastating impact on our neighbours, wildlife and the natural environment.  The recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales to the extreme fires of 2019 and 2020, there’s evidence to suggest climate change may be influencing the frequency and intensity of natural weather patterns.

The good news is we can all do different things to make our world a cleaner and healthier space. In the words of Dr Jane Goodall “Every day we live, we make some impact on the planet”.


5 small things you can do to reduce your ecological footprint

  1. Shop local – The products we buy often travel more than we do! Choosing locally made goods saves fuel from shipping and cooling
  2. Avoid items with excess packaging – Choose items that are made in glass that can be reused, paper that can be recycled or pure cotton for the compost.
  3. Choose less processed foods – Packaged and highly processed foods are all resource intensive and waste-heavy. Buying from farmers markets and bulk food stores reduces processing and waste, they also taste fantastic!
  4. Repair instead of replace – Invest in good quality products that may last longer. If something breaks, try to get it repaired if possible – you may find that it saves you money in the longer term
  5. Consider transport choices – In Australia transport is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Changing that way you move just one day a week will have a huge impact on your yearly carbon footprint.




Why the Local-Side?

Because we believe passionately in the power of doing small things to achieve big results. By shopping locally you are not only helping build the local economy, you are shopping more sustainably, reducing waste and making a small business creator really happy. The Local-Side: the power of community.

The Local Side Team

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