Deluxe Food Gift Pack


Delicious gourmet food pack which is sure to get your taste buds dancing.  Our small makers have put together a gorgeous taste of home with lemon curd, tomato relish. chocolate raspberries and fruit and nut salami with a bonus medium size beeswax wrap for leftovers. A great gift for friends that is sure to delight.

Delicious gourmet gift pack of home made Lemon Curd, Tomato Relish, Chocolate Raspberries, Fruit and Nut Fig Salami and bonus beeswax wrap.

This delicious selection from makers across Victoria can be enjoyed to complement any kitchen table.

Once you taste this delicious range of relish and lemon curd you'll never want another!

All products made locally from small makers in Victoria.

Fruit and Nut Salami 100g, ingredients: Dried figs, dried dates, dried apricots, sultanas, Almonds, pistachio nuts, vanilla powder & grounded cinnamon

Lemon Curd 175g, Ingredients: Sugar, butter, eggs & lemon juice

Tomato relish 300g, ingredients: Tomatoes, onions, white vinegar, sugar, salt, curry powder, dry mustard, chilli powder


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